West Rock


– vibe wall !!!NEW NEW!!!
– triax fiber glass
– M6 inserts
– 100% paulownia wood core
– iron base formula
– 3-stage rocker

New for 2023 is a limited edition West Rock “Slayer” with a graphic by Kristian Coltman @thecoltco. The “Slayer” is aptly named since it can do it all in the park. It has a super snappy core allowing you to lock in on presses and ollie onto features with ease. The base is bombproof, doesn’t stick, and has minimal channeling in the tip, tail, & midsection – allowing a smooth heel to toe edge transition without being too locked in.

The aggressive 3-degree rocker is fast and gives big pop, making it easy to jump over obstacles.
The flex of the board is distributed into two separate areas. Soft in the middle and medium on the tips, so the rider can press hard and still get as much control as possible.

The unique shape and thin edge will definitely improve your tricks in the air. The shallow channels in the middle and on the tips will allow for more stable handling and control.

 The board’s dark graphics and specs are definitely not for moms.

The West Rock is for the hardcore rider who feels the board and knows what to expect.