– vibe wall !!!NEW NEW!!!
– traiax fiber glass
– carbon POP strips
– M6 inserts
– 100% paulownia wood core
– iron base formula
– continous rocker

If you want to feel the real fun of riding on water and obstacles then this model is made for you.

The Nadal Pro is a PRO model designed by Clement Nadal.

This board is 100% true to his riding style, aggressive, durable and unlike any other! 
It has a strong snap, medium flex and thin tip shape, which is reinforced with carbon strips to make the pop even more energetic.

Long but shallow channels placed closer to the center of the board and running almost the entire length of the board allow for smooth riding and overcoming obstacles.

On the tips there are deep channels which stabilize the lunge for massive tricks that Clement does on the wakeparks. They also make it easier to stick huge pressures on tubes and handrails.

If you are a wakeboard fanatic you have to have it!